Thursday, March 23, 2017

New website release!

Marco Romero 3D Design Studio website

Very excited to publish the new version of our website with HTML5 design. With this new contemporary web design we can guarantee easy access for smartphone as well as for tablets users, in order to be able to promote the development of new 3D content for this growing market.

In this first stage it's now possible to offer a better idea of our business, update the website SSL protocols, as well as to include the main related links, so grow with more strength in the market of content development for Virtual Reality.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we liked.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mamut Skull

Good ideas are always welcome, and this is the case of a product that I have been following up on for a long time. It is a design developed in Halmstad, Sweden, where they carried out a crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter platform: The idea of "create a Protection for HTC Vive controllers".

This is the story of the new product called "Mamut Skull" developed by the new company "Geektech", which in its third revision of the prototype offers us the possibility to protect 100% the controllers of the HTC Vive virtual reality system. The great merit of this design is to have achieved a wide area of protection without obstructing the multiple infrared sensors with a millimeter precision, so as not to interrupt the location of the controls in the virtual space, as well as internal deformation areas that allows cushion for shocks.

It is a fact that the Vive controllers are very well designed, but it is inevitable to find yourself in a situation where the space is not large enough to perform the VR immersion and hit some object (especially if you are a VR developer). In order to be able to protect an investment like this, my first attempt was with the Hyperkin Silicone Protectors, which honestly proved good for the case of the HMD, as its surface prevents the headset from sliding on the desk (since they are innumerable times you put it on and take it off) avoiding the possibility of danger of falling, however regarding the controllers, although it offer an excellent insulation to the sweat or any liquid that can spill, after more than 3 months of use I consider that the only disadvantage is to reduce the tactile sensitivity for the multiple buttons and shock protection is not complete.

Early February this year 2017, "Mamut Skull" protectors are available to the American public through Amazon online store in the United States, which fortunately I have been able to purchase (and having tried to "fit in" on the Hyperkin silicone protectors) I could verify that it is perfectly designed to fit over the whole controllers surface.


Credits: "HTC Vive Teardown" by IFIXIT

Credits: "HTC Vive Teardown" by IFIXIT

Mamut Skull - Occlusion test

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Despite to have tried to install the "Mamut Skull" on the Hyperkin protectors,
you can verify that it is designed with millimetric precision.
Despite to have tried to install the "Mamut Skull" on the Hyperkin protectors,
you can verify that it is designed with millimetric precision.







March 04, 2017