Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cold-Cathode Lighting

After some previous experiences with LED lights on my desktop computer (which unfortunately didn't last long), I decided to go a bit further in the search for a more attractive aesthetic for my case Cooler Master Cosmos SE without having to intervene too much, nor that implies a greater effort to modify the original design.

After make the respective research, I found some pretty interesting models, ranging from Sound Activated lighting systems, others that emit UV light, to another very attractive called "Liquid Neon" like the Plasma lamps using technology discovered by Nikola Tesla.

In my particular case I decided to try this type of lighting to appreciate the kind of light wavelength of these cathodes (and I chose the basic model that had the most positive reviews), so I installed a brand LOGISYS Computer, Model CLK15BL 15" which I found quite cheaper.

I honestly "fell in love" with this kind of light, since it is not too strong to disturb sight or weak enough not to be seen; and so far I can recommend its use widely, since it's a type of light that does not generate much heat inside the case, can be easily installed, and offers a really attractive aesthetic.







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