Friday, June 9, 2017

Samsung Gear VR Controller

It's hard to objectively explain how excited to feel about being able to access VR content designed for Smartphones, and to be able to feel, visualize and interact with it as if were content designed for High-end Computer + HMD; this and more offers the new Gear VR control, making primitive the traditional selection method. This is a huge step towards in user comfort since it involves to forget the selection methods directly from the headset, so having to execute tasks that are supposed to be simple (like typing) and had become a headache (specifically neck-pain). The GearVR Controller operation remembers HTC Vive control systems, and its use is much more simplified, which means that from now on it is possible to develop interactive content much more efficient, and to be able to offer a more comfortable user experience.

Honestly I think that the new Gear VR controller offers the perfect complement to any interactive experience for Virtual Reality, and also its smartphone link and operation is very simple which facilitates access to any type of user; but I'm sure that it will not replace the traditional game controllers (like "Stratus XL") whose design, use and function are widespread in the video game market and the younger population. From the VR developer point of view, this new control means a huge step forward to the Gear VR as a system, and facilitates the possibility to make developments for both High-end and Phone-based systems, which means a priceless contribution in this uncharted territory.

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June 09/06/2017