Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster for HTC Vive Tracker

This gun is designed for the HTC Vive Tracker and requires only a single screw to mount it. Once attached, you'll be able to immerse yourself in an even more realistic VR experience in titles such as Duck Season, Arizona Sunshine, Practisim VR, and more. The mechanical trigger offer haptic feedback for life-like recoil, and it has two grip buttons, two menu buttons, and a single touchpad button for in-game commands.

Product Highlights:

- Made for HTC Vive Tracker
- Mechanical Trigger with Haptic Feedback
- Two Grip Buttons
- Two Menu Buttons
- One Touchpad Button
- Single Mounting Screw

The Hyperkin Hyper Blaster based on VIVE tracking system will plot their location and orientation, just how Lighthouse works with the bundled Vive controllers. The best use of the Vive Tracker right now would be with guns, with demonstrations showing off rifle handling, firefighting simulations with real equipment, and much more.

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster for HTC Vive Tracker


Hyperkin designs and manufactures video gaming peripherals and accessories for current gen and retro consoles.

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