Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge

At ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 expo opening held on Tuesday 14 was announced the winners of "Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge" which we have participated with "LIFE TOWER 1" project; despite not having been selected as a winner, It has been a pride to be qualified as a finalist in all 6 categories of Real-time Visualization, as well as an important recognition of our work.
The exhibition is open to the public attending the event at the "StudioXperience", Exhibit Hall ABC (West), and all the projects are online at the following link:

"StudioXperience" booth. Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada. Photo credit: Gabriel Casique

"HP Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge" Promotional Flyer. Photo credit: Gabriel Casique

I have published the project in my portfolio (with the proper authorization of HP Business and Additionally, for our friends who wish to enjoy the project in first person, the Virtual Reality experience can be downloaded for free (only for HTC VIVE). 


From 3D Design Studio we want to thank HP Business for its innovative international competition, as well as the platform to make possible the contest development.
Likewise, we want to extend our gratitude to all those people who have supported us, who follow our work and motivate us to continue moving forward to continue "Turning ideas into images, and images in reality". 

Thank you so much!

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